The Beauty of Islam

Casa Islam is a place where Muslims can connect and find home.  United by the Ummah, we serve as a vehicle to connect people from all nations and cultures, through supporting and promoting the beauty of Islam and extending the brotherhood and sisterhood through charitable projects. Casa Islam has multiple homes and virtual landscapes for sharing of resources and ideas with the aim of building through Taqwa (Mindfulness of Allah).

Casa Islam


To build infrastructure and create social solutions  within communities confronting abject poverty.


Social Impact Investment and African Capital Development.  

Current Campaigns

Social Impact Investing and African Capital Development

Social Impact Investment

Casa Islam’s Social Impact Investments finance the expansion of existing community assets through collaborative planning with established local community service providers.  Our social impact investments may only be used to expand, repair or restore existing community assets.  Casa Islam’s social impact investments are very rarely used to finance new ideas, startups or sole proprietorships within the communities in which we work.   

African Capital Development

Casa Islam’s African Capital Development program works to help African farmers creatively and sustainably  diversify land use to attain financial independence and wealth.  Casa Islam helps African farmers  leverage their existing agricultural resources  to create sustainable streams of income. Using family farm land we are investing to help our farmers  create income generating businesses with global reach.  Casa Islam’s  African capital development program  is eager to meet new farmers, greet new ideas and  finance promising startup ventures! Casa Islam’s African Capital Development investments support farmers and families  through  diversification of land use without loss of  land through direct sale of land to banks or corporate investors. 

Building an Islamic School in The Gambia

Alieu Bah Daara – Farato,
The Gambia.  

Funding design and construction for the expansion of an existing local Gambian school with a fifteen year history in effort to meet capacity demand. Managing comprehensive online fundraising and capital campaign to sustain the educational services provided to two hundred students attending one school in the Farato Village of The Gambia, West Africa.

Researching Micro-enterprise.  Planning Sustainable/Green/Equitable agricultural business for local Gambians.  Actively securing private funding for planning and feasibility studies.  Manufacturing.  Gambian  agricultural assets and materials for competitive global distribution and consumption. Expand harvest based agricultural income earning opportunities for Gambian families.

“Everything we have been doing in Farato Village has been for the sake of Allah.”

Mida Creek – Malindi, Kenya

3.5 Million USD total project costs.  Family farm being converted to cultural educational resort highlighting Swahili Marine Heritage.  43 Acres.  Accepting investment and financing for construction eco-resort. Leveraging local tourism experience  through inclusion of Swahili cultural heritage education,  training opportunities and programming. Curricular intersections include Swahili pedagogical approaches to education as well as Swahili coastal farming techniques and  women’s economic empowerment programing.

Seeking private funding to manufacture raw coastal marine agricultural materials for competitive global distribution and consumption.  Marine forest sustainability prioritization. Expand harvest based agricultural income earning opportunities for Swahili families.

Why We Do It

Communities funded by Casa Islam Social Investments and African Capital Development programs are currently fighting public health crisis.   We prioritize making investments in communities experiencing the horrific trifecta of confronting water insecurity, food insecurity and lack of access to healthcare.

Who We Are

Casa Islam began as an art and performance gallery.  In 2014 the founder had the opportunity to visit Mecca and Medina and upon return repurposed the business as a respite for African and Arab immigrant mothers and children experiencing homelessness. Casa Islam served as transitional housing for families for approximately one year and a half  before the building owner sold the building and Casa Islam and was closed.

The founder revised Casa Islam in 2018 and visited East Africa and West Africa in 2019.  Here he decided to move from a local social service to  join the international fight against poverty.

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About the Founder

Jason Ross Brown, aka Salah Abu Muna, is a revert to Islam.  Raised by loving African-American Christian parents, Salah embraced Islam at age 17 while attending Morehouse College.  He received his Shahada from Imam Adeyinka Mendes.  Salah is a husband, father, son, brother and proud African-American Muslim.